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Professor Alexey Chervonenkis

A. Chervonenkis photo
Position Professor of Computer Science
Research Area Pattern Recognition and Computational Learning

Brief Biography

Dr Chervonenkis has made a long and outstanding contribution to the area of pattern recognition and computational learning. His first book on Pattern Recognition was published in 1974 (with Professor Vapnik) and he has become an established authority in the field. Together they developed the whole new research area of ``statistical learning theory'' and pioneering ideas such as the inductive principle of structural risk minimization.

Dr Chervonenkis has been working in the Research Institute of Control Problems at the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow for many years and has won many prestigious prizes. He now divides his time between the Academy and the Computer Learning Research Centre.

He was one of the invited speakers at the Colloquium "The Importance of being Learnable" hosted by the Computer Learning Research Centre at Royal Holloway in September 1998.

Electronic Papers

The following papers are available on this site, in postscript format.


A selected bibliography can be found here.

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